Movie Review: “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” keeps up the campy, gimmicky suspense

Ah yes, the gimmick horror. When it’s done correctly, it can spawn an inexpensive franchise that can be profitable for Hollywood, while providing an easy fun time for audiences out for an easy and fun time.

Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions, gets the same kind of chemistry right that the first 2019 outing got right and it just might squeeze out a trilogy when its all done with this kind of fizzy energy.

Picking up where the first one left off, Zoey (Taylor Russell), a survivor from the first series of killer challenges from evil mastermind Minos, head to New York where she finds herself trapped with a group of other winners of killer escape rooms for a “tournament of champions”.

Tournament Of Champions barely “gets it over the net” because it doesn’t let us get bored.

The suspense gets going and runs for almost the entirety of the swift 1 hour and 28 minute running time. It’s a sprint that actually does hook you pretty well despite no character development and a bunch of question marks on what we’re actually watching. Director Adam Robitel also delivers on the visuals, getting more mileage off of this wild concept to keep us entertained.

There are plenty of problems as well.

The cast can’t act. The plot is wildly uneven. And the PG-13 rating here really hurts, as it deprives us of some potentially really gruesome horror moments, in the interest of making a couple of extra bucks. It also pulls material from the first movie it doesn’t need. We essentially get a “Saw” light with this film.

But at the end of the movie, I took a breath. And yeah, I was entertained. If the first one got it done for you, I”m pretty sure this one will too.

Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions


Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes.

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