Not even combined calls for vaccination from Ron DeSantis and Jerry Demings are helping Orlando numbers

Ron DeSantis is our conservative governor that could be the Trump “heir apparent”.

Jerry Demings is our opposite Orange County Mayor who is up for reelection next year.

Both of them are telling Orlando residents to get vaccinated.

Yet, it’s not happening. Lines at vaccination centers are empty as numbers go up.

The lines at testing stations are full. That’s an incredible turn of events within itself.

It’s a very affair assessment to say that everyone who wants the shot has had the opportunity to get it. There are services that are prepared to come to your house at this point.

But what does it say at this point when we’ve got leaders on both ends of the political spectrum telling us to get vaccinated and it’s still not happening?

It says vaccination hesitancy is very real.

The worst part is that I think we’re down to the “hardcore”.

This means that for anymore people to get vaccinated, it’s going to take a process very similar to political campaigning. You’re going to have to change their minds.

Breaking this down to Psychology and PolySci 101 its going to take stories, media bombardment, and yes, availability with public leaders telling our residents to get vaccinated.

Let’s throw this out there. What if DeSantis and Demings did a joint event encouraging vaccination? They’ve feuded plenty but also come together once. What would happen if they united to get shots in arms?

It would be a lot of fun to see.

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