All Orlando area county offices should follow Orange Tax Collector in mandating employee vaccinations

No exaggeration. If you asked “Frank, which elected official in Orange County do you think would mandate the COVID 19 vaccine first during this deadly spike?”

I’d say Scott Randolph. The Orange County Tax Collector.

This is because Scott was an old fighter from the legislature back in the day. He’s been tax collector for almost a decade, so we forget that. That whole Randolph family is full of scrappers. Allies and enemies alike would say that.

But getting to the point at hand, all of the other county offices in the greater Orlando area should follow the example.

Why? Because those offices are serving the people. And those employees have made a choice to serve the people.

They can get the vaccine, or they can walk.

Goodness, I’m kind of worried that many of them haven’t been vaccinated already.

Think of how many people may have been exposed. At the Clerk Of Courts. At the DMV. These are real risks.

There are some “outs” included in the Randolph policy. Religious reasons that must be proved. And medical reasons. If they don’t get the vaccine, they’ll have to wear a mask and possibly take a COVID test.

That’s not asking too much. Not really.

We also have to afford these particular elected officials, who are running a customer service oriented county business, the same leverage we afford those in the private sector when it comes to keeping people safe.

Frankly, I’m surprised more companies haven’t reinstated safety protocols.

Other elected officials in the greater Orlando area should strongly consider following this bold action.

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