Only bribery or personal tragedy will convert remaining Orlando vaccine hold outs

Bless the hearts of our Orlando leaders, as they use every possible tool at their disposal to try and pull us out of this COVID 19 dive that we’re currently in. On Monday, they held a press conference where they did everything but get down on their hands and knees and beg hold out residents to get the vaccine (story HERE).

The truth is that anything they do will be very unlikely to convert those who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

We’re down to “The Hardcore”.

The people that haven’t gotten vaccinated yet either believe in the conspiracy theories, have had a bad experience with vaccines, have doubts rooted in religion, or just plain don’t like being told what to do.

The only thing that will get that shot in their arm is if someone they love gets sick. Their wife. Their son. Their daughter.

And sadly, we’re seeing cases like this across the country. We’re also seeing cases where someone has to get very sick themself to finally ask for the shot.

But nothing Orlando leaders can say will get that shot in their arm.

Maybe they can throw some giftcards at them. But it has to be worth the while.

We’ve seen cards for $10 bucks but that’s not enough. Eh. Maybe $25 would do but that would cost a fortune.

This is a solutions site. So what do we do?

We protect ourselves. Those who are smart enough to get vaccinated should spread the message. If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t want to get the shot, then tell them you care about their safety and encourage them to.

Because they’re more likely to listen to you than some politician.

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