Orlando tourism should worry about workers leaving if housing struggles continue

Would you rather pay $1100 for a one bedroom apartment? Or $700 for a one bedroom apartment?

Would you rather live in a community where work, school, and play, exist within an easy to navigate community? Or would you rather struggle in tropical heat, moving across sprawl and suffering a two hour commute each day?

Would you like to be able to save up your money and sleep well at night knowing you’re prepared for an emergency? Or would you rather stay up at night fearing the next unexpected set back?

Those are all questions where Orlando living currently contributes to the challenges. And other communities offer the preferable alternative.

With no affordable housing and low wages, it feels as if Orlando business, especially tourism, are just daring their workers to find prosperity in another community.

The truth is that many families might take a chance and venture elsewhere if they could. But they’re already living 4 or 5 deep in a hotel room and can’t even afford to put gas in the car to leave.

Many may have heard the very true fact that Orlando is a great place to raise a family, but might have been caught off guard by the unrealistic price tag of living here.

But if they do the math, and discover that better living is possible elsewhere, you’re going to start seeing even more shortages at Orlando businesses. And then watch out.

Our visitors will begin to notice their experience deteriorating. And that will effect the bottom line.

And that will probably be when our business leaders finally wake up and realize that their workers on the ground are the foundation of their business, and the rest comes crumbling down without them.

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