We have to let Orlando veterans know the door is open for help during these especially tough times

It’s hard to think of a more mentally challenging time for veterans since the Vietnam era.

The mission in Afghanistan is ending.
Suicide numbers in Florida are still among the highest in the nation (story HERE).
It’s the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and the beginning of the war against terror.
The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s a tough time for many of us.

Which is why we as an Orlando community must let veterans in the community know where the help is and how to get it.

This pertains to everything. Housing assistance they’ve earned in this brutal market. Educational benefits they’ve already earned. Health care they’ve already earned. Financial guidance and assistance earned already. Everything.

If the system were truly strong, they would get this guidance upon leaving the military. Instead, we have to go on this scavenger hunt. We get a list of names and addresses and we have to navigate Central Florida to reach them and then we usually don’t have the necessary documentation because they didn’t tell us, and we have to go back.

It shouldn’t be that hard.

Making veterans aware of the services available to them as quickly as possible during their transition can prevent a crisis in their lives.

It’s just one piece of a really complicated puzzle.

Orlando appreciates their veterans but when it comes to helping them during these tough times, in this extremely tough housing and job market, there is still so much work left to be done.

It really shouldn’t be this hard to have access to benefits you’ve already earned.

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