The Bachelorette: We’re becoming addicted to broken and unhappy endings

Let’s face it. It hasn’t been a wild couple of years for the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises.

There was the Clare Crawley season where she fell in love in the first episode and “broke” the Bachelorette. Tayshia Adams would end up finishing the “La Quinta” era of the pandemic season which was just strange (but enjoyable) at times.

Then there was the Matt James season that was ruined over the controversial past of, Rachel, who would end up being the last woman standing despite social media posts of “the old south”. And then that same controversy would lead to the end of the road for longtime host Chris Harrison, after he fumbled an interview regarding the subject.

Finally we had the Katie Thurston season where the crowd favorite from the previous season found herself under scrutiny from Bachelor Nation during different parts of her journey and ultimately the finale where social media turned on her. TV history might see her time in the spotlight as more of a heel turn.

But current Bachelorette, Michelle Young, really brought things back down to earth. She’s strong, smart, and beautiful. Bachelornation also seems to be okay with her final two choices.

Unfortunately, there also a little bored. Less than 60 percent of an FTR poll were excited for the finale. It’s not Michelle’s fault. It’s ours.

This is because we’ve become addicted to problematic Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

We don’t want a happen ending. We want a train wreck ending that will have us talking all the way until the beginning of the next season. We need that drama.

There is still a chance we could get a broken ending. But that might only prove this point further.

It doesn’t matter really. This franchise is still a juggernaut. But we’re getting closer to the point of preferring a focal point that we can root against.

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