Ranking the MCU projects of 2021 from best to worst

Let’s begin by saying that Marvel had a great year on the big and small screen. So, while we rank these projects I think it’s important to say that there was only one project that I actually didn’t like.

This post is more of a thank you than anything. I’m grateful and I believe a lot of you are as well!

Let’s begin.

1) Spiderman: Far from Home: Listen, it was awesome. It met my high expectations. Read my review HERE. It was the most fun I had with a Marvel project this year.

2) Wandavision: My expectations were low for this one, but Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Kathryn Hahn acted their tails off in this time jumping feature, to earn several well deserved awards nominations.

3) The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan didn’t let us down, and we got some great globe trotting action and highly anticipated returns.

4) Loki: Tom Hiddleston took a story where we didn’t think there would be much to tell and opened up a whole new aspect of the MCU. Plus, Alligator Loki!

5) Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings: Once again proof that Marvel can take any of their heroes and give us a blockbuster, Shang-Chi was enjoyable.

6) Hawkeye: This cheerful Christmas outing had first class acting, and opened the door to the Netflix Marvel characters. Just awesome

7) What-If: Marvel’s push into animation proved that it could still deliver dramatic punch with the medium. It’s probably the darkest material they’ve put out.

8) Black Widow: The pandemic hurt this movie. And the Taskmaster portrayal was a crime. But thanks to Scarlett Johannson, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour, the movie still worked.

9) Eternals: Sorry. Eternals was bad. The incredibly talented and Oscar winning Chloe Zhao forgot the number 1 rule of MCU movies. We need to have fun!

Hey. Eight out of nine projects were good. Bring on 2022!

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