AEW: Here is why Jade Cargill should beat Ruby Soho to be the first TBS Women’s Champion

We knew it was going to be painful.

Having Thunder Rosa, Jade Cargill, and Ruby Soho be the last 3 women standing to become the first ever Women’s TBS Champon was tough booking decision. But a good problem with all three being terrific athletes.

Thunder Rosa is due and she’s a fan favorite.

Ruby Soho is also a due fan favorite and defected from a toxic WWE environment.

And Jade Cargill has been booked as an undefeated juggernaut. Her first loss needs to mean something.

Today, AEW made the tough first call. They had Cargill beat Thunder Rosa with the assist from Mercedes Martinez.

That was the right way to do it. Thunder Rosa still looked strong.

But now you’ve got Soho vs. Cargill. Fans are going to be charged up.

I think you should have Cargill win.

Ruby Soho is a veteran. She’s lost before. Fans still love her. She has the equity to have her first loss come in the finals of this tournament.

If you have Cargill lose, where do you go with her? If you take the streak away from her, I can’t identify another road for her to take in this talented group. They haven’t really built a story for her after the Brandi feud.

Ruby could put over the younger talent here. And then after a long bonafide feud with Martinez and Cargill, take the belt at the next Pay Per View.

Yes. She needs to be the next TBS champion. Just like you’ve got to let Thunder Rosa take the belt from Britt Baker.. eventually.

It’s not an easy decision. But it bears repeating. It’s a good problem.

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