AEW Dynamite: AEW rewarded development over WWE implants with Hangman, Cargill wins

FTR Express points:

– AEW values rewarding stars built in-house: Listen, having two wonderful and talented fan favorites like Bryan Danielson and Ruby Soho is a gift to AEW and the fans. But being developed here matters and should be rewarded. That’s why the Hangman and Cargill wins tonight was important.

Danielson and Soho will be fine: Are any of you guys going to stop rooting for Danielson and Soho because they lost tonight? Not me. And most of the fans won’t either.

And Danielson and Soho will both be champs eventually: Its very likely that Soho will be a champion before the summer. Let’s see her fight Britt Baker and she might even take that belt. And you can’t have Danielson in the company without giving him a title. It will happen. Give it time. They both stepped up and developed the younger talent tonight. I’m proud of them

And plus:

Both were great matches. I could definitely watch these four run it back. But let’s explore more match ups. Lets see Ruby build a little more in her new home. And goodness, you could match up Danielson with almost anybody else on the roster and have another excellent match.

We didn’t lose any ground tonight.

And there might be some who believe that Big Swole may have influenced tonight’s decision. I don’t see it that way. The truth is that this was probably in the plans for sometime. Cargill is undefeated. Let’s have a build up and make that first loss truly mean something. AEW is doing just fine as far as diversity is concerned.

See you guys next week!

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