Dexter New Blood: Finale could accomplish rare social media feat on Sunday (no spoilers)

(This is a spoiler free post involving the Dexter: New Blood finale)

The finale of a popular TV show topping the social media trends is nothing new. We see it all of the time. It’s usually a great way to go out for a program.

However, the finale of Dexter: New Blood could perform the rare feat of both beginning and ending the day at the top of the trends for the same episode.

The show was trending near the top of Twitter on Sunday morning, when spoilers began leaking from the premiere.

And when the show airs on Showtime tonight at 9PM EST, the ultra controversial end to New Blood could cause it to trend near the top again (story HERE).

There isn’t much standing in it’s way except for Sunday Night Football and some reality TV traffic. The Golden Globes broadcast was cancelled this year due to safety measures involving the Omicron variant of the COVID 19.

If the Globes had proceeded, we’d be getting celebrity red carpet noise in addition to feedback on the winners.

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