The Bachelor: Shanae doesn’t care about your ADHD, Elizabeth

The Bachelor set progress in mental health awareness back about 30 years on Monday, with two of the contestants getting in an argument about ADHD or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and using it as a the central issue for an argument over Clayton.

Really, it wasn’t that intense and played out like almost every fight on this show, but the fans online loved it.

During the cocktail party, Shanae who had a bad day during an obstacle course group date with Clayton, decided that she wanted to tell him about Elizabeth not being there for the best reasons, and later citing her ADHD as the reason when talking to Elizabeth directly.

Bachelornation popped on it immediately. Which gave it a boost as it tried to overtake the College Football National Championship in the trends. It was ABC vs ESPN, so Disney wins either way.

There was no resolution tonight with a rose ceremony not taking place on this episode. We’ll have to wait to see who survives.

Here are some notable tweets below.

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