Joe Millionaire: The show may not be long enough, plus some cast tweets

We are two weeks into Joe Millionaire and the good news is, it’s been pretty entertaining so far.

The bad news is that it might only be half as long as it should be.

Unlike the premiere, we only got one hour of Kurt and Steve trying to figure out which of the ladies are there for money (Steve) and which ones are there to find love (Kurt).

The truth is that the dating show audience has become accustomed to The Bachelor juggernaut which is usually dominating social media for two hours a week, and sometimes even three hours leading right up to the evening news. And part of that equation is ABC having the entire prime time block to play with, plus ESPN when they need to throw sports programming onto another burner.

Important feedback if show runners decide to go for another season.

Another strong point of the show is that the cast is very active on social media, especially Carolyn Moore, who seems to be the clear frontrunner for Kurt’s heart at this point.

See you guys next week!

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