DirectTV to drop OAN: Here are the winners and losers

Bloomberg scooped the news on Friday night that DirecTV will not be renewing One America News when their contract expire in April. You don’t need me to tell you how devastating this is for the conservative network.

But like every business decision there are winners and losers. Let’s talk about it:


FOX News: That audience is not going to disappear. They need to go somewhere. And that will likely be FOX News again. They need a pro Trump outlet to get their information from and conservatives aren’t alone. Progressives have to have their MSNBC fix as well. And don’t forget about the extra ad revenue.

Verizon FIOS: After DirecTV pulls the plug, they will be the biggest provider of the network. They will see a bump in their subscriber numbers. Maybe not a huge bump. But some extra revenue.

Conservative content creators: Its very likely that after OAN goes of the air there on satelite, that there will be Youtubers and Bloggers that try to pick up whatever FOX News doesn’t scrape up. And there are some viewers that believe FOX isn’t conservative enough for them. The indies will have their podcasts ready.


Herring Networks: This is a no brainer. They own OAN. They’re going to have to do some math and decide how their profits will be affected. They might even decide to downsize to preserve what they keep or even pack it in altogether.

Rural conservative news viewer: There will be an audience that decides the trouble of switching from DirecTV to Verizon won’t even be worth it. And there are some that won’t be in a Verizon FIOs area or in a territory that has DirecTV contract. They will be locked out.

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