Joe Millionaire: Most dramatic episode so far, it was also the best one too

It’s Thursday night, and that means “Joe Millionaire” and the fastest hour of TV at the moment, started out with Kurt and Steve taking the ladies to a “movie premiere”.

Really, it was a bunch of confessionals in a movie theater. But the ladies did get to give away passive aggressive awards for Best Actress (most fake) and Best Screenplay (most authentic) afterwards. But there was a twist and both winners won some alone time with the guys.

Carolyn then decided to confront Kurt about the authenticity of their bond (she was the easy frontrunner coming into tonight) and then Amanda kissed Kurt like thirty seconds later. Then they both decided to confront him. Kurt was ready to leave the show.

Then Rachel got drunk and then actually left. You with me so far?

All that was just the first 35 minutes.

And then Sara Rose decided she didn’t want Kurt or Steve. But instead opted for some dude holding a boom mic named Winston. And the guys sent her home in the middle of a pool party

Yeah, that actually happened. Winston. Congratulations man. You’re not even on the show.

If that sounds wild to you, that’s because it was. And I loved it.

This was the best show to date.

Yes. It may have started out as sort of a Bachelor tide-me-over, but tonight’s show got back to the more of the outrageous TV that made the original Joe Millionaire a lot of fun.

The program is still too short. I said that last week. This could have been an epic two hours. But also like I said last week. Ratings are king and if the show does well, maybe next season.

But I’m invested and the healthy social media engagement is a good sign.

See you next week.

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