Saturday Night Live: Will Forte and Maneskin deliver the first dud of the season

Woof. That was rough.

But I supposed it had to come sometime. A bad Saturday Night Live to break up this winning streak they’ve been on, and guest host Will Forte and Maneskin did just that along with a big assist from some lazy writing.

The cold opening regressed back to the Ingraham Angle which featured the same tired humor they’ve leaned on in previous seasons. Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz was funny the first 8 times we saw it. It’s ran it course now. James Austin Johnson’s Wordle Trump was good because he’s good. But his part was too short to save the opening.

It was good to see Kristen Wiig in the monologue, and the joke of Lorne Michaels confusing Will Forte for Willem Dafoe (next week’s host) made me wish it wasn’t a joke because we kept going down hill from here.

MacGruber being lost in the COVID pandemic was unfunny. So was the PBS cinema classics with “Gaslighting”. The Gannon three way made me crack a smile. Kidd Klash was a big missed opportunity. They need to try that again with another host and follow through on the mess we were waiting for but never got.

Ugh. Weekend Update. While Bowen Yang’s Chien Bao talking Winter Olympics and Sarah Sherman’s segment hijack were good, the skit quickly turned into a self congratulatory spot regarding Pete Davidson and Colin Jost buying a boat. That’s not funny.

Maneskin came out and butchered Frankie Valli with their overrated “Beggin” cover. They’re next push with “I want to be your slave” was actually pretty good, but I was too tired by then.

Its worth repeating. I’m usually pretty tough on SNL but they’ve had a good season. But goodness this was a bad show.

Let’s hope the legendary Willem Dafoe and musical guest Katy Perry can get them back on the right track next week. Perry has been good on the show before.

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