ESPN goes “all in” on risky Tom Brady retirement hype

It felt weird that the news of the greatest football player of all time would announce his retirement on a sleepy Saturday afternoon. Which is why we were all suspicious when Tom Brady seemingly did just that.

After all, it was ESPN breaking the news. If we can’t trust them with sports news who can we trust?

But Tom Brady has not retired. In fact, his entourage bit back hard at the news. And if we know “the GOAT” he was probably none too happy at having his toes stepped on regarding the biggest announcement of his life.

However, ESPN has not backed down. According to them, he’s retiring.

And I mean, all of ESPN. Anchors, analysts, insiders, even Brady’s own ex teammates. On all of the shows, on all of their platforms.

There was even some friction on a SportCenter segment when the tone turned to the possibility that Brady might not be done yet.

It was risky of ESPN to go all in on this. But it doesn’t look like they’re going to back down. Or even create a window that Brady might stick around.

The news cycle may do that on it’s own. We do have a Super Bowl coming, Brady won’t want to share the spotlight with the biggest sports event of the year.

But what if he comes back for another year? That would not be good.

In fact, it would look pretty bad. Not that it matters with ESPN. It’s not like we can go to a lot of other options for sports news.

All eyes will be on Tampa.

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