The Bachelor: “Shrimp-gate” turns the group toxic in a wild episode


We’ll get to that later.

But the Bachelor was back tonight and sent the people to bed happy in a roller coaster final hour. And what we thought ended last week with the “great shrimp heist” caused by season heel Shanae, went even further with “Shrimp-gate” which cancelled the cocktail party and resulted in several women going home.

Except Shanae.

And in keeping Shanae on the show, we had that nasty argument spill over into life on the road where the group continued plotting against her to try and get her eliminated off of the show.

It was a mess. And I loved every minute of it.

Then they had them play the “Bachelor Bowl”. And put Shanae on the “Shrimp Stapede” team. These Bachelor producers know what they’re doing.

And how nice was ABC to bring the Houston Texans on the show to have the ladies teach them how to play football?!

Who won? Of course the Shrimp Stampede lost.

But even the winning ladies spent time talking about Shanae on the date, which she eventually crashed anyway.

Shane then made out with Clayton, chewed out the winning team, and yes, took the freaking trophy with her.


And next week’s teaser made this episode look tame by comparison. Wow.

But it was a good time. And I’ll see you next week!

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