Winter Olympics not doing American Auto and Grand Crew any favors with momentum

If you’re a regular reader on this blog, you know that on Tuesday nights, I’ve been following American Auto and Grand Crew, two of the newest comedies on NBC. But the Winter Olympics has brought that trend to a grinding halt about a month after both shows premiered.

NBC has given no space for anything else to breathe during their prime time line up that isn’t taking place in Beijing. Even tape delayed events get precedent.

Except for the Super Bowl. And it felt like executives couldn’t wait to get out of Los Angeles and back in the snow across the Pacific on Sunday night, squandering the prized post Super Bowl lead in for a new program.

For young shows like American Auto and Grand Crew, failing to keep up this rhythm so soon after a premiere is bad for new comedies.

In fact, if those shows should not get renewed I’ll be pointing to these games as a reason why. There will be occasions where a young program would have to skip a week, but two? The show wasn’t even out that long.

And you have to give these stories time to grow. American Auto in particular, seemed to be getting stronger by the week.

Grand Crew had the “This Is Us” lead-in. After this Olympic delay, it doesn’t illustrate that situation accurately.

As for the other show I cover that night, Abbott Elementary, it’s proven that there is a hunger for Tuesday night comedies.

We have to give new programs time to breathe. There are so many shows I’ve seen that could have done better if the network would have just committed to it on a consecutive basis. That’s not happening here.

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