Grand Crew: Missile Coin, Insanity and Confidence

Grand Crew was back tonight, after the Winter Olympics took our fun away for a couple of weeks, and our group of friends continued navigating multiple messes and overcoming personal challenges.

First off, that cold opening was tremendous. Watching Faye with a samurai sword could work every week if they decided to go that way.

Some of the guys were high on Missile Coin, the latest and hottest crypto currency. As you may have found out yourself in real life, crypto is crazy volatile and Noah and Sherm had to figure that out the hard way, but not after shouting out “Drinks on us forever!”.

Anthony and his “life coach”, Nikki, had to work through some job challenges. While it appeared to be going sideways in a hurry it actually worked out quite nicely. Even though she was just making up things as they go.

“A body is just a flesh house for the soul.

Faye also had to work through some depression hosting bachelorette parties she never had. The angle had a kind conclusion

It was good to have Grand Crew back tonight. The Winter Olympics didn’t do this show any favor knocking them off of the calendar so soon after premiering.

Welcome back!

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