Ghosts: Storytelling and basketball

The well received “Ghosts” returned tonight with a new episode, and it was time to write an online brochure for the B&B. And it was Sasappis who took point with Samantha to make up for his missed dream of being a storyteller during his life.

There were some creative differences involving a tree.

Ultimately, Sasappis recruited Trevor to help him type the brochure but seeming only made things worse. But Samantha was scared to complete the site because she had the anxiety of the B&B becoming a reality, and then failing after opening. “Sap” gave her the courage to move on though.

Meanwhile Pete wanted to enjoy bonding over sports with Jay, but that was difficult being dead and all. He tried to bond with his ghost brethren but was ultimately discouraged. Flower wanted to watch but got rejected because she wasn’t a guy. Hetty was there to cheer her up though, and it wasn’t long before she had the chance to demonstrate she knew more than anyone else.

This show continues to do everything right. I was late to the “Ghosts” party and caught up on streaming in recent weeks, after hearing positive word of mouth from other viewers. And I will happily recommend it to you.

And, I’d better see Flower commentating March Madness on CBS.

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