Movie Review: “No Exit” is an adequate gruesome and campy thriller

On it’s face, “No Exit” could be a really slick suspense thriller if casted correctly and paced properly, but this film which premieres on Hulu this weekend, instead goes down the blood and dinner show, who done-it route. And in that regard finds modest success.

Havana Rose Liu stars as Darby, an addict who escapes rehab to visit her dying mother in the hospital. After a snow storm traps her at a rest stop, she comes across a group of fellow travelers and little girl trapped in the back of a van. Darby must then discover who is the kidnapper, while trying to stay alive and find help.

Sounds cool. Right? I thought so.

It kind of works and it kind of doesn’t.

Liu doesn’t give us enough range or energy to get us too invested. Once we hit the main stretch of action we’re entertained with gore and pain, which might not be what we signed up for, but does make up for the deficit we might have been feeling earlier in the movie.

It’s campy, but strangely works well enough that way. We don’t get a chance to get bored with this lean running time of an hour and a half. Director Damien Power also throws in a late twist to keep us guessing. The supporting cast which features Dennis Haysbert does give us a familiar face to connect with.

In the end, you’ll remember “No Exit” for how it made you feel (kind of like a person). And that is an entertaining but generally unpleasant presence that made you wince. In a mostly good way.

No Exit


Rated: R

Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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