The Bachelor: Clermont gets the national spotlight during hometowns

The eyes of prime time television were on Central Florida tonight as flight instructor, Rachel, had the chance to bring “The Bachelor” Clayton Echard home to greater Orlando, or more specifically Clermont which is only a short drive away.

Rachel met Clayton on the river and went kayaking with gators nearby. Producers treated it like a thrill date with a spider jumping down on the couple. There was a kissing tree, where Clayton and Rachel shared a special moment together and the two made out in the river before heading over the parent’s house.

As far as scenery, that’s about as much as we got. It was time to meet the folks.

Rachel’s friend Nate would serve her the hard questions. But it was Rachel’s dad, who would be one of the toughest “sits” of the entire night for Clayton. While he initially didn’t give Clayton an official blessing, he would signal some approval before the date was over.

The night would ultimately end on a positive note.

Fans did notice that Rachel was losing her voice. There were times during the date where she was only a shade above a whisper. But all appeared well when the night was over.

And the experience would be strong enough to propel Rachel into the final three along with Susie, and Gabby. A lovely Serene would be sent home.

It looks like our Central Florida native’s journey is going to go right down to the end. And she’s representing the area well.

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