The Bachelor: Gabby’s Granddad takes over Bachelor Twitter

Forget Clayton Echard, or any of the remaining ladies on the cast of this season’s “Bachelor”. Tonight, during hometowns, everyone wanted to talk about one person.

Gabby’s Grandfather.

Gabriela Windey’s granddad just completely took over social media around 8:35 EST, on a hometowns episode that got off on a slower foot, with fans looking for something to rally behind or jump on top of.

They rallied behind Grandpa John. Take a look at some of the tweets…

(Grandpa John called Gabby a loveable “Dingbat”)

And just when we think we couldn’t love Gabby anymore, her father, who had been suffering with health problems made a safe and socially distanced appearance.

I would not be disappointed to see Gabby be The Bachelorette in the future or to see her pop up in paradise.

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