Winning Time: The show roasted Jerry West so bad, he started trending

We knew that Winning Time: The Rise of The Los Angeles Lakers, would rip open the Lakers organization and show the good, bad, and the ugly. And when the ugly came around, it would pull no punches, as does no project from Adam McKay (The Big Short, Don’t Look Up).

The victim of the first show, according to popular opinion, was Jerry West.

Played beautifully by Jason Clarke, we got to see “The Logo” fully unhinged and introduced as “Never been happy”. He was a powder keg the entire episode, blowing up at Dr. Jerry Buss, and taking a staunch stance against drafting Magic Johnson. The first episode ended with West throwing his trophy out of his office window.

It wasn’t long before viewers of the program noticed and began reacting to the portrayal of West we were seeing.

What did you think? Did Winning Time go to hard on Jerry West? How was Jason Clarke’s performance?

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  1. West didn’t want to draft Magic, but there is no way that he talked and acted like he is portrayed. A complete hatchet job on a great man.

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