Movie Review: “Turning Red” has a lot going on, some good, some just plain weird

Note: If you thought the title of this film was “Seeing Red” you’re not alone! There has been a lot of traffic confused over the title.

“Well, that was something.”

I can tell you, I’ve gone through the whole gauntlet of emotions with Pixar films, like I’m sure you have as well. But “Turning Red” which drops on Disney Plus today, offers something that is truly ummmm “Unique”? And the end result is entertaining, and ultimately heartwarming.

And just plain strange. Really.

Mei Lei is an overachieving 13 year old, that loves her friends, cleaning, and boy bands. But her family has a curse that causes the women in her family to turn into giant red pandas everytime they reach a certain age and get angry.

A lot of it works. Most of it might go over your head.

Rosalie Chiang, and Sandra Oh, are the bright spots with their voice talents as Mei Lie and her mother, Ming. And the group of friends that accompany our red panda on her journey are a bright spot, and a really positive example of what friends should be like when you’re young. It’s also generally entertaining.

But there is also a lot of things that are just off brand of Pixar. They took some risks here, probably just to keep the formula from being stale, and it doesn’t quite hit the same way. The message is still positive, it’s just presented differently. It’s very much like another off balance Pixar film in “Onward” that way.

In the end, Turning Red holds the line for Pixar. But it’s not what you’re used to and how you accept that could define you’re experience.

Turning Red

Grade: C+

Rated: PG

Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes..

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