WWE Smackdown: Fans weren’t happy after seeing Pete Dunne rebranded as “Butch”

Well, the WWE did it again. They managed to get fans angry with another unneeded name to change to one of it’s brightest young stars.

Pete Dunne, an NXT great, is now……Butch.

And Butch made his debut tonight next to Sheamus.

Of course, fans weren’t happy. And why should they be? It’s a terrible move. They did the same thing a couple of months ago changing Walter’s name to Gunther.

Social media was quick to let WWE know how they feel (not that it ever makes a difference).

It’s important to know that WWE actually prefers the buzz either negative or positive. They can package analytics to advertisers. The only bad buzz is no buzz.

What do you think about the name change? How do you think “Butch” will fit in on Smackdown?

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