The Courtship: Row, Row, Row your boat

The Courtship was back tonight, and the fun NBC dating show that emulates Jane Austen style romance, took to the water as the regency festivities included boating this week.

Our suitors had to row Nicole’s court (family) across a body of water without incident, if they wanted time with her.

So what is Mr. Saffa going to do? Take off his shirt in front of the mother. But being on the same boat as the parents meant tough questions, but Captain Kim (military background) did a good job opening up to everyone.

Then we had the three guys that had no one in their boat try to serenade Nicole from across the lake. Some of the other guys decided to jump in the water. Hey, whatever it takes to get noticed. Right?

When it was time to talk, Mr. Chapman made a positive impression, but pulling from other dating shows, Mr. Luxe crashed the party. Then Mr. Cones decided he wanted a dance (not the elimination dance) but something a little less stressful. And then Mr. Castronovo cut into the dance and popped open a bottle of champagne. And then Mr. Hollins interrupted, but it wasn’t long before he too was cut off.

And Mr. King spoke to Nicole about his family’s tragic past and both were crying before it’s over.

But it was Mr. Hunter who won over the parents. And in the process, earned a one on one date with Nicole. The two had an instant connection according the Mr. Hunter, and shared a kiss. Nicole called it a “Cloud nine date”.

Then it was time for the elimination dance.

Mr. Mumbray earned more time to show himself to Nicole.
Mr. Cones was only invited to the dance to spend more time with Nicole.
Mr. Luxe was eliminated and didn’t say a word to anyone leaving.
Captain Kim got to stay with Nicole crediting his connection with her parents.
Mr. Kessler was let go by our lead, in what was a kind goodbye.

The show was fun. I’ve recommended this for dating show fans who may be going through Joe Millionaire withdraws, or may be upset with the way The Bachelor is currently behaving.

11 suitors left. I’ll see you next week!

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