The Bachelor: Calls for Gabby to be the next Bachelorette ramp up during finale

If there was one bright spot to Clayton Echard’s terrible behavior at the beginning of The Bachelor two night live finale, it was fan appreciation of Gabriela Windey or “Gabby”.

Fans started calling on the 30 year old ICU nurse to be the next Bachelorette, after the way she dealt with Clayton’s despicable excuses on why he was intimate with multiple women during the stretch leading up to the “rose ceremony from hell”.

While fan requests on social media making suggestions over who should be The Bachelorette aren’t new, they can be effective. It recently worked for Katie Thurston.

And Gabby was already a fan favorite following her celebration after Shanae was sent home by slamming two bottles of champagne.

Let’s go to the tweets.

What do you think? Should Gabby be the next Bachelorette? If not, then who?

What do you think about the Bachelor finale?

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