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The Bachelor: Severe weather coverage bumps the finale in Orlando, and viewers are angry

Severe weather coverage in Florida is nothing to mess with. People can get hurt or even killed.

I lead with this because it’s important to get the stance of this post correctly.

The highly anticipated Bachelor live finale was bumped on ABC (WFTV) in Orlando because of a tornado warning in Clermont.

Clermont is also Bachelor finalist, Rachel Recchia’s hometown. It’s where they had her hometown date.

Instead, viewers were watching WFTV weather coverage well into the first hour. The Bachelor broadcast hit the air at 9:03 pm est.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Severe weather also affected Hannah Brown’s season. The Bachelorette herself had to go on social media to calm down fans.

You can stream The Bachelor finale parts you may have missed tomorrow on Hulu tomorrow.

But fans here in Orlando had a lot to say..

“This is a dangerous storm” the meteorologists on air reiterated. All of the other Orlando area stations also pushed into special weather coverage.

What do you think? Have you ever had severe weather interrupt your programming? If you watched The Bachelor finale, what did you think?

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  1. What authority were they operating under for all channels to make our only choice of viewing for hours their weather reports? It seems like they have taken over the air waves under the umbrella of a supposed emergency. I think it is illegal. We pay to view tv programs. They should not be able to take that away. I think they owe us a refund for taking away our rights. Someone should challenge the legality of this so we do not turn into a country that only airs what they want without regard for the people who are purchasing services that they have taken away.

  2. Ridiculous! Been looking forward to the show all day. The finale no less is most anticipated show all season. Should have put a special alert banner up top with special instructions and weather map in corner of screen. If anyone is worried about the storm they can check out the weather channel.

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