AEW: Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa is one of the best modern era rivalries we’ve got

Tonight, on AEW Dynamite we saw Thunder Rosa defeat Dr. Britt Baker DMD for the Women’s World Championship with their second instant classic in as many years. They have put on consecutive memorable matches together in front of a free TV national audience, and all of Pro Wrestling benefits from it.

We need to start calling Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa, one of the best modern era rivalries we’ve got, and one of the best women’s wrestling rivalries of all time.

You’re not going to see this kind of action in the Women’s Division in WWE. Not the way they’ve been doing things. They hold their talent back, with unfunny gimmicks that lack any intensity.

AEW lets their talent fly. And Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa treat every second on TV like it’s their last, and they end up giving us these wonderful matches. The match still felt fresh even though we just had the pay per view set up a couple of weeks back.

The title switch also gives us some balance in the AEW Women’s Division. Two heel champions is always a little off with booking. Now we can line up some of our heels against Thunder Rosa without it feeling forced. This will actually help Jade Cargill too.

Britt Baker still remains one of the best doing it for AEW right now. She’s not officially a “pillar” on the T-Shirt, but name me a superstar that puts on first class matches like the one we just watched, and even with an injury, still become one of the most anticipated parts of a show like last year. She can take time off or keep going. The fans will wait for her.

Just a terrific night of wrestling. It’s a good time to be an AEW fan.

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