Young Rock: “Eggs on a Track and Road”

Young Rock was back tonight with another fun episode highlighting the Rock’s rise. This was an age 15 “younger” Rock installment (as opposed to Young Rock in his early 20s, and Youngest Rock in his childhood).

But before we flash back, we got to see Dwayne Johnson feuding with Dr. Echo (Sean Astin) on social media. He lost his temper and it’s put his presidential campaign in jeopardy. The team is trying to figure out where to go from here.

When we did venture to the past, we got to see good old Nashville territory wrestling where Rocky was working at the time. There was a young Jerry Lawler, Bam Bam Bigelow, and a “Downtown Bruno” aka Harvey Whippleman as you might remember him from old school WWE.

The problem is that Rocky hadn’t nailed down the basics for Dewey to live and go to school. He was sharing a hotel room with Bruno, which featured a meal consisting of toilet eggs served on a Track and Road magazine.

Ultimately, mom arrived and was not happy with what she saw and got in an argument with Rocky.

I’ve noticed that in it’s second season, Young Rock doesn’t try to tie every episode off with a bow. And that actually makes the show better most of the time. Dwayne Johnson struggled a lot and we need to feel this angle to really enjoy his journey. It works.

Back in present day, Dwayne decided against digging up dirt against Dr. Echo. We’ll see how this effects the election.

See you next week!

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