Atlanta: “Confession is not Absolution”

In what was one of the most provocative episodes of this wild and genre spanning television show, Atlanta tackled a reality where reparation lawsuits were redistributing the wealth in our modern society.

It did not pull any punches. In fact, in leaned into them.

When we first meet Marshall Johnson, he’s going to through a divorce, but he seems to be a decent guy. He loves his daughter. And tries to steer clear of any workplace drama. But the lawsuits are falling in around him and everyone is having to pay out.

And on one evening he meets Sheniqua Johnson. Marshall’s great, great, grandfather enslaved her great, great, grandfather, and she wants $3 million dollars. She comes to his home and invites herself in. She goes to his workplace with a megaphone. And before long, the whole situation is even affecting his daughter at school and ruins any possibility of reconciling with his wife.

He flees and ends up at a hotel lobby where he meets Earnest or “E” (not Donald Glover) who shares his experience with Marshall which closes with “Confession is not Absolution”. Then he walks out to the pool and blows his brains out. The show closes with Marshall working as a waiter in a fancy restaurant where Sheniqua is garnishing 15% of his wages. But he seems content as the credits roll.

This continues to be the best season of Atlanta. It’s giving us something new every week and has been anything but boring. Keep in mind, Donald Glover and the main cast has only been in half of the episodes. It could be because they’re all really famous now. But the writing on this show, has actually been stronger when none or only part of the main cast is involved.

See you next week!

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