SNL: Acid trip comedy with Jake Gyllenhaal comes up big

Saturday Night Live was certainly a unique episode last night, featuring host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest, Camilo Cabelo, but it was a winning night for the long running sketch comedy with several funny moments. The writers must have been taking something because their imagination was all over the place.

The best skit of the night was the Dream Cousins HGTV spot which featured Kate McKinnon as “Bea” and her 27 year old cat name “Charles-David” hijacking Heidi Gardner’s dream house from her cowardly husband. The animations were laugh out loud funny and the Charles-David puppet was terrific.

We also had a workplace Chucky skit and talking flowers that were literally about to be choked by sentient weeds.

The show started off with a cold open that was about honoring Kentanj Brown-Jackson and black leaders in history, and Gyllenhaal’s monologue was a little bizarre but still funny. He did a fine job overall.

And wouldn’t you know it? Weekend Update didn’t stink again this week? There are few bigger critics of Colin Jost and Michael Che than me, but the guys have been bringing the laughs this season. They did get a big assist from the Trend Forecasters (Aidy Bryant, and Bowen Yang) who were having so much fun they broke a couple of times during their segment. Good stuff though.

Camila Cabelo was also good last night during both of her performances. She flies on SNL. It may be time to get her some double duty.

Speaking of double duty, we’re getting Lizzo next week which should be a fun time.

You can view that excellent HGTV skit below…

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