Ghosts: Hooray for a fun first season !

Wow, we got the season finale of Ghosts tonight, and the first campaign for this program has just been so much fun.

Tonight, Samantha and Jay were finally ready to open the B&B, but those lousy neighbors had other plans and opened a rival hotel that was already stealing business from our new place.

So, they settled it the only way they knew how. In a competitive game of pickleball. Which Sam and Jay won by default (the best kind of win by the way).

But there was still the case of the viking curse that Thor put on the house before everything started coming together. In a surprisingly touching scene between the ghosts and Sam, they said their goodbyes in case the curse-breaking ceremony also took away Sam’s ability to see the ghosts forever.

Lucky for us, it didn’t come to that. But in a funny end, the floor to the mansion fell through just as the first guests were being greeted at the door.

I could go on about how much of a welcomed surprise Ghosts has been, and I think I will.

This ensemble cast has just nailed their parts seamlessly. We have such a variety of characters that they could keep things going for a bit without getting stale. It’s also a neat dynamic to have the ghosts appear in some episodes and be busy doing something else in others.

It’s one of the best new shows of the season. And only Abbott Elementary is in the same room when it comes to the comedy and feel good energy here.

The show has already been renewed season 2. Until next time. We’ll all be waiting.

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