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CBS: Cancellations were warranted, while “Al” did what it had to before signing off

CBS announced some of their cancellations on Thursday.

And honestly, I can’t argue with any of them.

“How We Roll” was one of the worst shows on TV, despite having a good heart. “B Positive” didn’t make me feel anything. Magnum PI should still be considered a success, running four seasons in this era of unneeded reboots and reimaginings. But it was also time for it to go.

Let’s talk about “The United States of Al”.

I haven’t forgotten about the backlash the show got when the promos began airing. There was a lot of scrutiny over the title character pushing too many stereotypes. But the plot involving an Afghan interpreter fleeing a hostile regime to find a life here in the states was one that had to be told. It also handled a lot of other issues involving veterans and culture with a lot of care. As a post 9/11 veteran, there was something that had to be done with the topic, and “Al” accomplished that.

My favorite CBS show got its renewal a couple of weeks back. “Ghosts” is a delight. And it was actually suggested to me by a friend. I had no intentions of covering it and picked it up later in its freshman run. It’s just great. If you haven’t watched it already, then you should check it out. It’s really that good.

CBS viewers are habitual. The “Big Bang” network proved once again that sitcoms aren’t a lost art on network TV these days and they’ll reload and give it another go shortly.

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