The Flight Attendant: Sharon Stone takes drama to the next level

Really, everyone was awesome again on the latest episode of the Flight Attendant, and we’re going to get to everybody.

But let’s talk about Sharon *bleeping* Stone. She played Cassie’s mom to perfection, taking her alcoholic daughter to task and then dragging her even further. She’s good enough to have phoned it in, get paid, and go home, but she did some of her best work in her limited time on screen. She matches up to Kaley Cuoco so well, I’m not sure I could have casted anyone else better.

We also have to talk about TR Knight, who’s also been great during the show’s short run, but continues to bring a vulnerability to the role which gives us real reason to hope Cassie pulls through.

I mention that last part not because viewers don’t want Cassie to beat alcoholism and not get shot in the head by a spy, but there are some who might believe she has it coming at this point despite the fact that underneathe it all she’s a good person. That’s what makes her demons so much more complicated.

That’s called depth. And this show keeps giving it to us when it could just keep it breezy, and its working.

The Flight Attendant is having a solid second season run. Lets hope this next stretch colors in all of the empty spots as well as it did during its first season.

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