Barry: Sally is still lame but Sarah Goldberg gives an awesome performance

This has been a strange season of Barry. We’re not sure who to root for with Barry acting all weird. And Sally is still a tough character to like this year.

It’s still some of the best acting on TV though.

We know that Bill Hader is crushing it. He gave us an epic performance using only a box last night.

But today, we’re talking about Sarah Goldberg, who gave her best performance of the series last night. She was simply wonderful.

Watching Sally run through the red carpet and on to the stage at her premiere (where they cleverly put her in the moment during her remarks) and then the break up scene with Barry, Goldberg nailed all of it. She was just perfect.

And that makes Barry even something more of a unique show. The lines are blurred with these characters.

Barry was a psycho two weeks ago with Gene. Now it seems he’s sinking back to something normal. But after that mess with Sally we can’t be sure.

Sally has been terribly unlikeable but she had a moment of clarity last night where she demonstrated strength. Barry was out of line during that confrontation in the office. We know that.

A lot of us are rooting for NoHo Hank. But the dude is still a gangster. Gene? Who knows?

But all of these are compliments. Not complaints. I’m having fun watching the show and that’s what matters.

I’ll see you guys next week!

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