WWE: We should support Sasha Banks for walking out on bad WWE creative, and hope others follow

The story burning up social media this morning is news that Sasha Banks and Naomi, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, walked out of an episode of RAW last night over bad creative decisions.

Good for her. I support them.

You should too.

Why? The WWE product is as bad as it has been in over 25 years. Before the attitude era. We’re getting the same show every week and it’s terrible to watch.

We’re tired of WWE telling us what we should like instead of listening to fans.

The truth is that Sasha Banks has been successful despite WWE writing, not because of it. She’s a part of our growing Star Wars universe. Don’t tell me there isn’t next level talent here.

And shame on WWE for throwing them under the bus to viewers during the broadcast. Cory Graves, that company man, parroted that toxic “unprofessional” line meant to cause division. That doesn’t bode well for whenever Sasha and Naomi come back. If they come back.

Let me tell you something. I hope more WWE Superstars act the way Sasha did on Monday night. We would be getting a better show. I can tell you that. The talent in this company gets beaten down, embarrassed, and then released. It’s a crime how this cycle repeats itself and nothing gets done.

When is it going to stop?

The truth is that it won’t. Not unless the talent finally stands up for themselves.

There is competition. They can use the market. While AEW can’t sign everybody, they can encourage WWE to treat their people better which is what this is all about.

Good look, Mercedes.

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