City of Seminole in Pinellas County proves once again they don’t care about helping homeless veterans

One of the worst stories from Florida involving veterans homelessness last year came from Seminole, Florida, located in Pinellas County. There, city commissioners rejected planned housing for veterans because they believed we would bring crime to their community (story HERE). And those same leaders went to other veterans events a couple of weeks later pretending like they didn’t just make it harder for us find places to live.

Now, Seminole Florida is once again in the news. This time as an enabler in the housing crisis gripping all of Central Florida, as the real estate industry continues fueling the crisis with unchecked rent increases that are putting families out on the street every day (story HERE).

I have never observed a community like Seminole in Pinellas County actively pushing tactics to keep veterans from peacefully living in their community.

Other areas may be struggling. But they keep trying. There are communities in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina, standing up veterans communities. North Florida is expanding their veterans center and trying to stop the problem before it happens.

Here in Orlando, where this blog is published. We’re one of the worst communities when it comes to affordable housing.

But our leaders have made active decisions to help and build where they can.

We’re not even seeing that in the city of Seminole.

What can you do to help?

Call your Seminole Commission and ask them what they’re doing to help veterans find help. And ask them when (story HERE).

Because I can’t think of a community in Florida who is saying through their actions that they could care less right now.

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