AEW: Yes, there are way too many titles but the fix is easy

Lets do a run down of how many belts are currently in circulation on All Elite Wrestling.

We have the..

AEW Title
AEW Tag Team Titles
AEW Women’s Title
AEW All Atlantic Title (coming soon)
TNT Title
TBS Title
ROH Title
ROH Tag Team Titles
ROH Television Title
Owen Hart Men’s Belt
Owen Hart Women’s Belt

That’s a lot of belts. Six months ago we had four.

And we’ve still got the trios titles potentially coming. It’s almost WWF Invasion-esque right now.

But the good news is that the AEW overall product is strong and the roster is deep. Maybe even potentially deep enough to absorb a lot of these.

Here is how you do it.

Defend the AEW title, the TBS title, and the AEW tag titles on Wednesday night Dynamite.

Defend the TNT title, All Atlantic title, and AEW Women’s title on Rampage.

Occasionally throw in the ROH titles on both show. And phase out the Owen Hart belts around Thanksgiving. They’re not supposed to be defended anyways.

And stack your pay per views with title defenses from both shows. Also, don’t forget about Elevation and Dark. Give us a treat every once in a while on YouTube too.

The key is spacing. Right now, the field feels especially crowded because we’ve had a lot of major events. We’ve got an interim champion scenario in progress, an inaugural All Atlantic title tournament underway, and two of the biggest stars in the company carrying the Owen Hart belts.

Really, it’s not a big problem. It’s still better then what WWE has going with their shows, which just feels like the same program being repackaged every week. We don’t even know what’s going on with their women’s tag titles.

But this we can work with.

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