WWE: Fans don’t believe Sasha Banks release rumors according to small sample poll

Wrestling fans all over the world are waiting for news regarding the rumored release of Sasha Banks. Banks, one of the WWE’s most popular superstars, has been missing from television for the past few weeks after a disagreement in the creative decision of her and fellow championship tag team partner, Naomi.

All of this attention is being generated from one tweet from an unverified Twitter user off of a tip from an unnamed source. While wrestling content creators are notoriously unreliable and operate away from the scrutiny of an ethical news organization, they’re often the only ones focused on the actions of the industry.

Many fans aren’t buying the rumors this time.

Results from two small sample Twitter polls illustrate that many social media users who watch wrestling don’t believe that Sasha Banks is being released. You can see those results from a sample group of 100 users below..

Its unclear when and if we’ll get news from WWE regarding the status of Banks. The company is also dealing with a separate controversy involving Vince McMahon (story HERE).

What do you think? Is Sasha Banks being released? Let me know in the comments below.

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