High rent in Orlando is hurting our ability to fill critical job shortages and it can ruin lives

Nurses. Law enforcement officers. School teachers.

All critical jobs in any community in the United States, including here in Orlando where our rapidly growing community doesn’t have enough of these important members of neighborhoods to fill our hospitals, schools, and police stations.

It’s gotten so bad that we’ve got hospital patients that can’t get decent care. Auto accidents that aren’t getting assistance until the next day. And schools that are so overcrowded that it’s hurting the experience our children are getting in their pursuit for an education.

A shortage in this area can ruin lives. Whether its the difference in getting help after an accident or a struggling student who needs a little extra help in the classroom.

You can blame Orlando real estate and property management for this.

And I’m saying that because of the astronomical rent increases that we’ve been seeing over the past few years due to the greed of their industry.

If I’m a nursing school graduate who is looking to start their new life, why would I go to a city where tenants are treated so poorly?

Warm weather is a draw. But a lot of these young professionals can get that in the Carolinas or Texas.

The answer here is holding Orlando real estate and property management accountable as partners in the community that is making them rich. They’re keeping these lifesavers away with their greed.

Until we address the cost of living in our community then we’re going to continue to see our neighbors suffer.

In a hospital room. On the roadside. In the classroom. If they can’t live well, these lifesavers won’t come here.

And even worse. They could leave.

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