You spent hundreds of millions on Camping World Stadium renovations for Orlando tourism to fumble World Cup bid

As we continue searching through the rubble of our failed World Cup bid here in Orlando, I’ve been asking a lot of sports fans questions over why they think we didn’t get the bid, despite millions of your dollars spent to try to lure biggest sports event in the world here (story HERE).

The answers appear to be revolving around Camping World Stadium which some have called a *checks notes* a “$!#$hole”.

Now, I don’t think it’s a $!#$hole. But this stadium critique bothers me.

Because we spent $207 million renovating that thing. That’s two big of an investment to be insulted that way.

But we were assured by Orlando tourism and sports leaders that the venue would be able to compete for any World Class Event.

They were talking about Super Bowls. Olympic Games in cooperation with other Florida cities. These examples were given when they took your money.

And they didn’t deliver.

Did these renovations not get done properly? Was it the neglect of the communities around Camping World Stadium by Orlando tourism which hurt us in competing?

These are important questions. I can tell you that the profit funnel set up by Orlando tourism leaders that only feeds itself and International Drive probably hurt our chances.

The leaders behind this bid acted with arrogance and recklessness with your money. They had the confetti all queued up and were prepared to pat themselves on the back if they succeeded.

But they failed. No harm done to them. They should be fired but they won’t. They should have lost money but they didn’t. They’ll still collect their salaries.

Instead, they’ll go back to the drawing board and demand that we build them a brand new stadium. That will be there excuse.

I don’t know about you but I’m all tired of excuses.

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  1. Lol no, that stadium is a s—hole. The “renovation” and the $200+ million figure have been thrown around a lot in the aftermath of a failed bid, but what that city really did with that money is just rebuild the lower bowl into a slightly nicer version of what it was before, without adding any of the bells and whistles that come with a so-called modern stadium — high-end seating areas, luxury suites, hospitality areas across the bowels of the venue, the lot.

    Realistically, it would’ve taken at least three times the amount of money the city actually wound up spending on the Citrus Bowl to bring it up to modern standards. The failure — or more likely, the REFUSAL — to do this is why Orlando gets stuck with side shows like the Cure Bowl, preseason soccer friendlies, Monster Jam events, and the Pro Bowl… the last of which the NFL took away from us after four years. Seriously, stop and think about *that* one for a second.

    This city has been trying to nickel and dime its way out of the shadow of Disney, and into the premier city status, for as long as I’ve lived here (almost 25 years) — and it’s no closer to reaching that goal now than it was back then. If anything, self-inflicted errors like these are setting it back even further.

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