Special interests biggest early supporters for Orange County Penny Sales Tax Transportation initiative

Special interests love the idea of a Penny Sales Tax for transportation in Orange County. It means that local governments can double dip from our banks accounts for transportation services, instead of having to contribute themselves and being responsible partners in the community.

First, they’ll charge Orange County residents with a penny sales tax.

And then charge us again with regular fare costs that we pay everyday for.

Look no further than the campaign finance reports for “Moving Orange County Forward”. The PAC specifically designated to trick voters into raising taxes on themselves, when our leaders should be exploring other financial solutions.

The first report illustrates $20,000 in donations. All from special interests.

Powerful downtown lobbyists working for clients who want access to that revenue.

And of course Orlando Real Estate and Development, who has propelled Orange County into the biggest rental crisis we’ve ever seen in our community.

We’re also seeing these parties align against fair rent measures in the greater Orlando area.

Remember the motto for all of the special interests in the Orange County.

“Not our money. Your money”.

Oh, they’ll promote some honest transportation solutions. Buses, rail, safer pedestrian solutions. You’ll see all of that in the commercials they produce.

But in the end, it will be a money grab.

You’ll get big promises, but when its actually time to cut up the money, then it becomes a free for all. These special interests will serve themselves and not the people of Orange County.

It’s perfectly cool if you want better transportation for Orange County. We need it. But these early donors are a signal that they’re just trying to take more from us, while demanding less from themselves.

They could care less about the people who use public transportation the most in our community.

You can view the first month’s report HERE.

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