Rogue City of Orlando 4th of July message was wild, but the positive reaction can’t be ignored

First off, I hope everyone over at the City of Orlando communications shop is doing well. I’ve been reading their communications for over a decade and through both tragedy and celebration, they have always been the epitome of professionalism.

Which is what made their recent Fourth of July message concerning.

The message in part read..

“A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate, and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating that?”

Did someone over there get drunk and decide they want to publish a newsletter? Why can’t they go and throw axes like the rest of us?

What actually happened there? How did this get through?

Seriously speaking, it’s not the kind of message I want to read from the City of Orlando. This is cable TV material coming from a source that we actually need. City of Orlando rarely publishes fluff. They advise on some pretty important things. Hurricanes, traffic, development, all matters that we depend on them for.

But the support this message has gotten from a lot of people is something to think about.

Where are we as a community when there are residents supporting this kind of narrative? We’re doing something wrong. Maybe it’s because people aren’t making a fair wage. Maybe it’s because they can’t find a place to live. Maybe it’s because they can’t afford child care. Perhaps, Washington finally pushed them too far.

You can’t and shouldn’t ignore where we are as a community when people support these kinds of remarks. We’re doing something wrong. It didn’t used to be this way.

And as for the second part of this release, I can 100% agree with it.

We already paid for those damn fireworks. I’m showing up for a show tomorrow. There had better be one.


  1. Should have gotten all the fireworks Hillary bought for her presidential victory for free. We are happy for Roe to have been sent back to the states where it belongs and happy we have a Governor who doesn’t think ripping a baby to death is a good cover for bad sex. Sex is designed to make more people. If you don’t want to make more people there are lots of birth control you can use. So we are sad that judges are blocking our caring Governor’s abortion ban, but optimistic killing babies is not part of our laws or culture. Always proud of our Independence and grateful for those who got it for us.

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