Florida has homegrown leaders much better than Gavin Newsom pushing problem plagued California

Hey, it’s perfectly fine for leaders from other states to play in outside territories. We do it here in Florida, especially when it comes to jobs, where we’ve imported countless companies to make the Sunshine State their home.

So, when California Governor, Gavin Newsom, decided to start running ads here in Florida, I gave his spot an honest listen.

But the problem here is Newsom’s own track record in California.

Listen, California is gorgeous but when I’m researching solutions to the problems we have here in Florida, it’s California that always seems to have bigger versions of the same problem.

Florida, especially Orlando, is suffering from a lack of affordable housing.

But we’re still a heck of a lot better than Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Florida has a low wage problem.

California wages are lower and the state has much higher taxes, which ultimately means less money in your pocket.

Newsom talks about personal freedom in California and criticizes Florida policy.

But in California, he was so unpopular he had to survive a recall election.

We don’t need opportunistic politicians from the west coast running ads.

There are plenty of capable young leaders here in Florida, regardless of what your political beliefs are, that truly understand what kinds of solutions can help us.

If you want, you can watch Governor Newsom’s sales pitch below.

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