Orlando Hotels and Resorts offer poor pay and then wonder why they can’t find housekeepers

In one of the biggest examples of missing business self awareness you’ll see in Central Florida this year, Orlando hotels and resorts are wondering why they can’t find enough workers to staff their operations (story HERE). Their largest deficits? Housekeepers.

Perhaps, it’s because many of them aren’t paying their housekeepers enough to cover the cost of skyrocketing rent in Orlando. Or maybe its because these workers will need to work the first half of their shift, just to cover the price of gas to drive out to the tourism district.

But big tourism in Orlando isn’t trying to hear that. Paying their workers a fair wage means less profits for them.

Greed. The answer is greed.

This is in addition, to the current scam involving the operation of tourism development dollars in Orlando. This is tourism revenue which can’t be used on anything but tourism which is generated by those housekeepers turning over rooms. Education. Public safety. Health staffing. Using tourism development dollars for those needs are not allowed thanks to political influence by the tourism industry.

And keep in mind, we’re back to pre pandemic numbers.

Still, Orlando tourism wants to play dumb.

It’s also important to note the role that housekeepers play in the visiting experience to our community. During one of my visits to an out of town hotel was short on housekeepers, I ended up with a tick sucking on the back of my ear (which is the art on this post).

So, yes. We should pay our housekeepers better. And we should also do the same to the workers in our theme parks and airports.

It might mean that our tourism and lodging executives might have to opt for the luxury car without the self heating seats this year.

But it will be better for Orlando residents trying to survive and better for our visitors who are here to have a fun and insect free good time in our community.

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