MCO gets $50 million dollars in grant money but low paid workers won’t see a dime

This morning the hometown newspaper reported that Orlando International Airport will be receiving a $50 million dollar federal grant. One of the biggest in the country (story HERE).

The first thing that struck me after reading that news is that the hard working support staff at MCO won’t see any of that money.

Now, I’m no stranger to writing grant proposals. It sounds like the money has to be used on improvements to the facility. Fair enough.

But it’s $50 million dollars. Are you trying to tell me that this won’t free up money anywhere else to be reallocated to the workers? Can’t they at least get a bonus?

That answer would be no.

It’s strange. I was riding the LYNX bus to the airport the other day. And the last stretch on Semoran is all airport workers carrying out duties that are essential to an airport. They’re underpaid. They’re rent is being increased by hundreds of dollars every month. And even the bus they’re riding on will likely raise their taxes next year.

Orlando International Airport won’t be doing anything for them with this money. It’s just sad.

Instead, our tourism revenue funnel that moves our visitors from the airport, to the tourism district, and back to the airport, with no benefits to our surrounding communities will continue to operate as usual.

And many of these workers, who’s energy is all devoted to simply supporting a family might not even know about this grant.

Instead, they’ll continue to see a palace that grows around them become larger, while they struggle to keep a home of their own.

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