WWE: Yeah, get Sasha Banks and Bray Wyatt back ASAP by any means necessary

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Thanks to the regime change at World Wrestling Entertainment since the departure of Vince McMahon last week, the entire horizon has opened up for the return of professional wrestlers that may have left the company under bad terms.

Two names that may jump out immediately at us are Sasha Banks or Mercedes Varnato and Bray Wyatt or Windham Rotunda.

Triple H needs to get both of these main event talents back immediately.

It goes without saying that both of them can transform a wrestling broadcast. Banks might have the best combination of in-ring skills and star power of the entire women’s division (and potentially the organization) and Wyatt has created a theatrical experience on multiple occasions that has taken WWE programming to the next level.

You guys already know all of this.

But I suppose it comes down to repairing the damage done by the old guard. How pissed off did Vince, Bruce Pritchard, and John Laurinitis make these athletes? Its not fair, but Triple H has to go back and repair these relationships.

And then there are the other rumored names. Naomi, of course. Johnny Gargano. Killer (Karrion) Kross and Scarlett.

These are all athletes that never should have been allowed to leave to begin with.

But the first names on my list are Sasha Banks and Bray Wyatt. Two superstars that have proven they can carry a division if need be. These are tentpoles for a wrestling organization.

And imagine the pop they’ll get when they do come back. It will be the kind of reaction we all watch wrestling for.

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